Flying the flag for seafood in a sustainable future!

You may stream the webinar "2022 Norwegian-UK Seafood Summit" below. 

2022 Agenda - Whats' on the Webinar Menu

  • "Welcome" by Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr
    UK Director Norwegian Seafood Council

  • "Flying the flag for sustainability"
    Renate Larsen, CEO Norwegian Seafood Council

  • "Vision for the Norwegian Seafood Industry"
    Bjørnar Selnes Skjæran, Norway's Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy

  • "Climate change - mitigation and adaptation"
    Marcus Coleman, CEO Seafish

  • "Plant-based brand using Foodservice to change consumer behaviour"
    Claire Roper, Head of Marketing & Innovation Quorn Foods

  • "Retailers expectations for sustainable white fish" 
    Cameron Moffat, Sustainability Mangager Young's Seafood

  • "Update for Marine Stewardship Council Certificate "
    Tor Bjørklund Larsen, Senior Advisor Norwegian Fishermen's Association

  • "Key sustainability innovations in Norwegian Fisheries"
    Hans Petter Næs, Director of Communication Norwegian Seafood Research Fund