As Brazil is one of the most important markets for salted and dried fish, we are also taking the the well-established seminar "O futuro do Bacalhau" to Brazil this year. If you need an update on the Brazilian seafood market, you should join us for this popular seminar this time in São Paulo, Brazil on the 22nd of October 2024. 

The seminar is arranged in connection with the important and strong growing "Seafood show, Latin America" which will take place between the 22. -24. of October at Distrito Anhembi, São Paulo.
The seminar will be an important occasion to gather our valued stakeholders to positively engage over the future for Bacalhau. 

Please save the date: October 22nd 2024, and contact our Director for Brazil, Randi Bolstad if you have any questions. 

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More information will follow.